The light in a woman is a beacon of her healthy spirit and an enviable sense of self. Over many decades, she’s unquestionably dealt with the demands, distractions and even disease that can impact the most stalwart of women at any stage of life.

Yet, what are the odds that many women in their sixth decade of life and longer have had the power to choose, particularly early in life, as it related to their education, careers and lifestyle? These countless women at the leading edge of both the Baby Boomer generation and the Silent Generation can now make a choice, responsibly and confidently, to find revival, relief and relaxation in a less than conventional way through the recent legalization of cannabis in California.

As sophisticated as the growing and harvesting processes related to a thriving cannabis market are the myriad products emerging for recreational use. Among them is the safer and smokeless method known as vaping; whereby, an e-liquid releases cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor without the harmful byproducts found in smoke. What’s known as the vape pen functions like an e-cigarette, but with a much richer flavor and sensation. Here is a sample of signature flavored vape cartridges in fashion forward designs for savvy and sensational women.

Not only are these luxury vape pens complementary to active and retired lifestyles, but I’ve categorized their benefits in these three life-enhancing categories:

By 2022, women are expected to control more than 60% of U.S. wealth. ~Union Bank
How many of us women still have dreams and aspirations that have given way to other meaningful priorities set by partnerships, children and careers? Many have compromised for the love of others, and now it’s time for you – to live, laugh and look to the potential that we all possess through our light. Despite the notable financial wealth that 60+ women have amassed, much can be said for the conventional lives that many women still lead. How special would it be to enhance the trajectory for some by revitalizing women with a naturally flavored cannabis vape? Raise your level of expectation of the social, psychological and physical benefits that await, responsibly and privately, on your terms.

Women are nearly twice as likely as men to get an anxiety disorder in their lifetime ~Anxiety and Depression Association of America
With age also comes ailments that run the gamut in degrees of severity. Whether chronic or life-threatening diagnoses, cannabis has been proven to provide some relief in a variety of ways. Countless studies have and will continue to support the multitude of benefits that medical marijuana offers to sufferers of epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, asthma and many other illnesses, ailments, maladies and diseases. Furthermore, many forms of pain, anxiety and inflammation can be tempered by cannabidiol or CBD, the cannabis compound found to have significant benefits for treating people with anxiety.

Losing sleep over the small stuff in life? Sleep deprivation affects more than half of the population age 60 years and older per the National Institute of Health.
Insomnia or difficulty falling asleep can also compromise waking hours that involve memory loss, depression, irritability and a range of other symptoms. While marijuana’s analgesic properties may offer some relief for chronic symptoms, its anti-anxiety properties can calm highly stressed minds and bodies. What many may not know is that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is primarily responsible for inducing sleep.

It’s time to make a choice for change, as women with knowledge, confidence and resources. Aren’t your health and happiness worth it?

Kathryn Golden Williams is the CEO of Golden Lady. Golden Lady shines by informing women, and serving their distinct desires for safe and natural cannabis products that are also aesthetically pleasing. A measured dosing and experience through flavored distillates are available to all women through Golden Lady. Visit to find your light.