2 reviews for Golden Lady Vape Cartridges

  1. Rated 5out of 5

    Tara (verified owner)  

    I love these, Hawaiian Punch is my favorite. It actually tastes like what it says, and the smell is 100% discrete. I love it so much I’m not even going to take a star off for the biggest problem: the $59 price point is too high for 0.5ml. But when they’re on sale for $39, I buy two.

  2. Rated 5out of 5

    erinelizabeth059 (verified owner)  

    out of all of the cartridges, and ive tried all of them, these and bloom farms are by far the strongest and purest. im a seasoned smoker and a good drag or two of these will give you a decent buzz. pure flavors, good terpenes, and strong.