We women are powerful, intuitive and informed, as we embrace our personal paths to what each desires for herself at her golden stage in life. Is it to look good, feel good, and help our loved ones feel the same? Or is it to serve others, pursue a new passion, or enjoy every minute with our kids and grandkids? Influenced by generation and geography, we represent millions who have matured into discriminating women wanting to rejoice and regenerate, while also finding relief from the inevitable pains of aging.

Per History.com, those deemed “older” American women, who had postponed marriage and childbirth during the Great Depression and World War II, were joined in the nation’s maternity wards by younger women eager to start families. In 1940, the average American woman got married when she was nearly 22 years old; in 1956, the average American woman married when she was just 20. Just 8% of married women in the 1940s opted not to have children, compared to 15% in the 1930s.

Taking their toll both physically and emotionally, the challenges of child rearing, intermittent careers, caregiving, and other life circumstances have also strengthened innumerable women throughout our country and, indeed, around the world. It’s now our time to revitalize, relax and relieve.

The suburban baby boom had a particularly confining effect on women. Advice books and magazine articles (i.e., “Don’t Be Afraid to Marry Young,” “Cooking to Me Is Poetry” and “Femininity Begins At Home”) urged women to leave the workforce and embrace their roles as wives and mothers. ~History.com. It’s, therefore, not surprising that those born between 1946 and 1964, or Baby Boomers, are among the most globally influential, and are fueling the growth in California’s cannabis sales, exceeded slightly by female buyers who increased sales by 20% in 2017.

Just how influential are women between the ages of 54 and 72? Boomer women control more than half of the nation’s discretionary income and three-fourths of the country’s financial wealth, says Girl Power Marketing.

In aggregate, women represent a growth market larger than China and India combined—more than twice as big, in fact.

Many of today’s Boomer women are continuing their educations, leading charitable initiatives, traveling the world and finding love for the second (or third) time in lives enriched with invaluable lessons and indelible experiences.

Conspicuous Consumption
Understandably, California has rapidly become the largest cannabis market in the world. Of course, the nation’s most diverse and populous state supports such significant purchasing power.

The first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, not surprisingly, California is a juggernaut with over $2.75 billion in cannabis sales. ~Forbes

Driving the use of cannabis among Boomer women has been the desire to improve everyday lives through timely education on highly sought wellness benefits and an increasing acceptance among the mainstream of safe and responsible consumption.According to a recent report by Eaze, a marijuana technology company, improved access and dependability, combined with rapidly expanding choices of brands and products, specifically for women, have enabled ladies today to quickly and conveniently obtain the products they desire.

Drawn to the sophisticated growing and harvesting processes related to a thriving cannabis market, Boomer women are choosing among the high-quality products emerging for recreational use. Among them is the safer and smokeless method known as vaping; whereby, an e-liquid releases cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor without the harmful byproducts found in smoke. What’s known as the vape pen functions like an e-cigarette, but with a much richer flavor and sensation. Here is a sample of signature flavored vape cartridges in fashion forward designs for savvy and sensational women.

Not only are these luxury vape pens enhancing retired yet active lifestyles, but they meet the desires of a mature women who knows what she likes when she sees it. It’s time to make a choice for change, as women with knowledge, confidence and resources. Aren’t your health and happiness worth it?

Kathryn Golden Williams is the CEO of Golden Lady. Golden Lady shines by informing women, and serving their distinct desires for safe and natural cannabis products that are also aesthetically pleasing. A measured dosing and experience through flavored distillates are available to all women through Golden Lady. Visit www.GoldenLady.club to find your light.