For Women. By Women.

We at Golden Lady feature luxury cannabis products that enhance the health and happiness of discriminating women of all generations. We serve as a valued source of responsible use and education that empowers women and supports female-related causes. Revitalize. Relax. Relieve.

The Story of Golden Lady

Within every woman is a “golden light.” I strive to have all women see that within themselves, and enjoy their lives and experiences, while fulfilling their greatest potential.

My own journey to find my “golden light” began with the emerging recreational cannabis industry, and giving ladies a voice and opportunity to lead through responsible use and education. Never would I have believed that I could build a cannabis products enterprise, and would most certainly have asked, “What are you smoking?”

Yet, upon exploring cannabis and its alternative medicinal benefits, my mind opened and with it opportunities for women to embrace new means by which to enjoy healthier and happier lives.

We women have been underserved in so many industries, and cannabis is no exception. As its stigma slowly diminishes, I invite women to discover its proven advantages with confidence.

Golden Lady aspires to inform women, and serve their distinct desires for safe and natural products that are also aesthetically pleasing. Predictable dosing and experience through flavored distillates are available to all through Golden Lady.

Join me in shining a “golden light” on women such as you. Stay golden.

Kathryn Golden Williams
Golden Lady, LLC